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Bright Sparks in Grand Final (Again)

After not playing team sports since highschool, I joined a group of similar minded mums to play social netball in 2010. Eight years later our team Bright Sparks is still going! While we have had some players come and go, and venues change from Bendat to Revolution Sports to Loftus, we have had a regular team at Lords Subiaco for the last 4 years.

What a great way to meet other women and remain fit and active. Team Sports is a great way to keep motivated and commited. Not only do I have to keep up with my team mates, once we got our rhythm going, I have learnt new skills and improved my technique. On top of this I have to keep my fitness up so I don't let my team mates down. Social netball is not difficult; there is no training, and games are maximum 40 minutes so there is no need to feel intimidated to start. If you don't have a team ready, you can put your name down as a sub at the sports and rec centre and they will help you find a team on a casual basis.

Following on from this, I have met so many new friends who have been incorporated into different teams. I now belong to 3 regular teams and play netball up to 5 times a week!! In order to prevent injuries and strain, I have learnt to keep up with strengthening exercises at the gym and keep my steps up with my Fitbit! Its not to say I don't have my share of musculoskeletal pains but I am a true believer in exercise as medicine and the psychological, physical and friendship gains I have made outweigh those by far.

And yes, as part of Bright Sparks, we do like to win - it does make the game much more fun! Coming to the end of an Autumn/Winter season at Lords we have made the grandfinal again. While not taking out the championship (well, you win one, you lose one) the weeks roll on and am looking forward to another season starting next week.

women and remain fit!

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