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Medical Services

Medical form with stethoscope


Efficient yet thorough

In specific cases repeat prescriptions may be granted, however patients will need their medical history and examination performed at least annually.  Best medical care can only be given if compliance, interactions and side effects are monitored.
A nominal fee may be charged.

Woman & Doctor

Heath Assessments and Care Plans

Medicare Benefits

Through general health assessments, mental health assessments and disease management plans I can arrange rebated allied health services and a 12 month plan to ensure you receive complete holistic care from all health professionals.


Minor Procedures

Nursing team and treatment rooms

Together we are able to offer services including removal of skin lesions, IV fluids, iron, Implanon insertion/removal and replacement, driving assessments, ear wax removal, spirometry and ECGs.



Taking responsibility in your own hands

Radiology and pathology results can be given out on the phone if they are normal.  Results take between 2-7 days to come to me after an investigation is carried out.  If a test is abnormal we will do our best to contact you but do not assume tests are normal.  If you have a test don't you want to know the result?  If there is anything that requires discussion, you will be asked to make a review apointment with me.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram
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